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Welcome to my photography site. I welcome you to look around my galleries and take a glimpse into my work. I hope that you will find something you enjoy.

I started doing 'serious' photography in the fall of 1988. I fell in love with Infrared photography, so much of my work here is done with this medium. I later started working exclusively with a 4 X 5 camera, but due to some technical limitations this work is not displayed amongst my works on the site.

You will notice that I do not have any of the photographs on the site explained or even named at this point. Many of the photos already have a name, but I didn't want to display a name and possibly influence your opinion or thoughts about a particular photo. This is also why I am not explaining most of the photographs. I leave the interpretation up to you, and I encourage you to write me and tell me what you think of my photographs - good or bad. If you would like to objectively give your interpretation of a particular photograph, I plan on putting 'viewers interpretations' as a link next to each one of the photographs. This is so that you can see what others think of the work, and how they personally interpret it. So, I encourage you, look at the work and tell me what you think.

- Brett Russell

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I don't have any funding to continue my work, but if you would like to sponsor me, please contact me at:

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